Kenko PL Fader

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Kenko PL Fader

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Newly Developed Unique Design
The PL FADER uses two high-transparency polarizing film layers to control the amount of light that passes through the filter and into camera lens.

For Longer Exposure
Without changing the aperture, the PL FADER allows the freedom to change the shutter speed according the effect desired.

For Wider Apertures
With the PL FADER, the shutter speed remains constant for a wide aperture easily creating a blurred background effect.

Prevents Overexposure / Highlight Clipping
Even with a shutter speed of 1/8000 seconds, a large aperture of F1.4 or F1.2 can cause overexposure/highlight clipping. With the PL FADER, this overexposure is eliminated.

 Flexible Light Control for HDSLR Video
For HD video-enabled cameras, use the PL FADER to easily adjust light control.

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